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Artists on Film

Artists on Film presents 5 video portraits of ArtWest artists and makers.

Filmed and edited by Marie Claire White and Annika Ström, these 3-minute

films reveal a unique way of working, providing insight into the process

and forming an intimate portrayal of how individual artists approach their work.

All 5 films will be shown in the ACAVA and Acme Buildings over the weekend.

Or scroll down to see the films now!

The creation of the films was supported by Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) and funded by the Great Place Scheme.


• William Warbrick, furniture maker, The Light Factory (Marie Claire White)

• Renata Fernandea, painter, ACAVA Studios Hythe Rd (Marie Claire White)

• Katherine Lubar, painter, Acme Studios Harrow Rd (Annika Ström)

• Samantha Johnston, photographer, Regents House (Marie Claire White)

• Markus Blattmann, painter and print-maker, Apex House (Marie Claire White)

3 Katherine Lubar_painter_Acme Studios_LR

still from William Warbrick's film, made by Marie Claire White

still from Katherine Lubar's film made by Annika Ström

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3 Samantha Johnston_photogapher_Regents House 9-04 copy LR-1
5 Markus Blattmann_painter & printmaker_Apex House 7.07 copy LR

still from Samantha Johnston's film, made by Marie Claire White

still from Marcus Blattmann's film, made by Marie Claire White

The films:

Katherine Lubar by Annika Ström

Renata Fernandez by Marie Claire White

William Warbrick's by Marie Claire White

Samantha Johnston by Marie Claire White

Marcus Blattmann by Marie Claire White

4 Renata Fernandez_painter_ACAVA studios 9-04 copy

still from Renata Fernandez's film, made by Marie Claire White

1 Williams Warbrick_furniture maker_Light Factory
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