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Chloe Fremantle Peter Blegvad at The Koestler Trus

School workshops

ArtWest members June Bartlett and Asaki Kan have been holding art workshops in Kenmont Primary School since 2013 and, in more recent years, at Old Oak Community and Children’s Centre ( to help and encourage children with their creativity.

We always receive a wonderful response from children, parents and teachers.


Lydia Gandaa, Holdings Club Manager at Old Oak Community & Children's Centre, says, 'As always, Asaki volunteers her highly varied artistic skills to teach our club children in East Acton Estate each holiday. She always manages to engage the children in fun and creative ways while providing them with new skills in the process. It is a pleasure to have her offer her services and the children always look forward to her sessions. Myself and staff would highly recommend Asaki to work with any age or demographic and can not thank her enough from her years of support in the arts at Old Oak!'


Ms Martinez, Reception Teacher and Art Coordinator at Kenmont Primary, says, “Kenmont School greatly appreciate June and Asaki's time and dedication in delivering four art workshops last year over the Summer Term. Each workshop was different and taught with patience and joy. We made modroc hands, clay magnets and  learnt how to paint and mix pastels with skill. We are very grateful for their contribution to our community and hope to see them again in the near future”.


If you or your organisation are interested interested in holding an art workshop, please get in touch. The workshops are for everyone; all ages and backgrounds are welcome.

Please email us at


Photos from recent workshops:

These are some photos from the workshops conducted in 2019.

Asaki Kan held four at the Old Oak Community & Children’s Centre and two at Kenmont school. Those include plaster casting, tie & dye, and modroc workshops.

June Bartlett held two workshops on acrylic painting inspired by arctic and antarctic animals with seascape on blue papers. (The first 4 images)


Asaki teaching plaster casting at Old Oak Community & Children’s Centre.


The children's tie dye cloths are floating in air at Old Oak Community & Children's Centre.


Previous Years  

Shona Elrick led 2 art workshops for local people with dementia & their carers at Hammersmith & Fulham Town Hall, in association with Hammersmith United Charities and Art4Dementia Charity working with Dementia Pathfinders. In late 2017 Shona led a ceramics workshop for the A-level group at Queens Park Community School, NW6, on the properties of clay and creative use of slip.


Asaki Kan conducted an origami workshop at Central Middlesex Hospital as a part of Old Oak and Park Royal Development Cooperation. Queens Park Community School, additional workshops were held using magnets, paper and clay.


June Bartlett’s workshops have included fun projects focussing on the Golden Jubilee and marine mammals.


Soledad Bustos helped children create life size paper portraits of themselves.


Materials for all our workshops are kindly donated by Cass Art.





Community Outreach

Community Sponsors

Our thanks go to the various bodies whose generosity enables us to continue opening our studios every year and assist in our community outreach programmes.


- Acava Studios

- Acme Studios

- Cass Arts

- Hammersmith United Charities

- London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

- NorthWest and NW10 Studios

- Old Oak & Park Royal Development Corporation

- Tesco Bags Of Help


Koestler Trust

For the past 6 years we have been working with the Koestler Trust ( a charity encouraging prisoners to create artwork. Every year up to 8000 paintings, sculptures and prints from prisons, secure units and youth offender units from all over the country are brought to HMP Wormwood Scrubs where volunteer artists - including ArtWest members- give written critical feedback about each work. Some pieces are incredibly skillful, and indeed inspiring.

A lovely card from children at Old Oak Community & Children's Centre!

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