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Courtyard No1, 2021-22, ink o paper, plywood, 103 x 147 cm



        NW10 STUDIOS


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Renata Fernandez

Fernandez delves into profound and timely themes that revolve around immigration, notions of territory, identity, and displacement. These societal issues serve as a potent source of inspiration and contemplation for her, as she strives to bring attention to the sociopolitical aspects inherent in the found imagery she incorporates into her work.

Through a captivating blend of bi-dimensional and tridimensional art forms, including installations and sculptures, Fernandez weaves together a reconstructed memory that speaks to the complexities of the human experience. Her practice embraces various disciplines and techniques, creating a self-referential and multidisciplinary approach. This fusion of artistic elements enriches her studio, where ideas flow freely, nurtured by the intermingling of different mediums.

Her artistic process stems from a combination of appropriated social media posts and her own photographs. This blend of sourced imagery and personal snapshots fuels her exploration of connections and themes related to immigration, identity, and the human condition. Drawing on her background in journalism, social sciences, and theatre set design, Fernandez employs her diverse skill set to source, curate, and present her artwork thoughtfully.


Hythe Road Studios

17-19 Hythe Road


NW10 6RT
IG @rofz_studio

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Renata Fernandez, courtyard No1, ink on paper, Plywood, 2021-22, 103 x 147cm
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